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Ministry of Energy & Mining

The Ministry of Energy & Mining is the authority responsible for the application of mining investment system in the Republic of Sudan as per the Presidential Decree No. 22 for 2010. Among its main responsibilities is to encourage and attract local and foreign investment in order to promote the development of the mining sector in Sudan. Sudan is considered as one of the promising countries in the field of mining. The development of mineral resources is one of its main targets and that the attainment of this target within the international competition environment poses many challenges. In addition, there are many qualitative initiatives undertaken in this regard.

Geological Research Authority Of Sudan

Geological work in Sudan begins in 1905 through the Geological Office which was part of the Education Department. In 1939, a unit for geological Survey was established as part of the Public Works Department. In 1953 this unit was developed into a separate department under the Ministry of Mineral Resources then transferred after that to the Ministry of Industry and Mining. In 1976 its name was changed to the Department of Geology and Mineral Resources. In 1986 it was again transformed into the Public Authority for Geological Research under the Ministry of Energy and Mining. Lately, in May 2010, the Authority was put under the Ministry of Minerals. The Authority carries out research and prospecting for minerals through geological, geophysical and geochemical studies by Sudanese field teams or in collaboration with some relevant foreign institutions.Minimize environmental pollution levels associated with production in the field of mining.

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